RCE Leadership Luncheon: The Art of Active Listening


Active listening is the doorway to increased belonging, loyalty, profitability and  innovation. It is the difference between thinking we understand what people want and knowing what they want. 

For the last 12 years, Heather has reviewed over 25,000 employee engagement surveys as well as facilitated numerous listening sessions. She has distilled that knowledge into actionable insights that equip your people with the interpersonal skills they need to make others feel seen, heard, and valued in every interaction.

This program is perfect for leaders: 

  • Working to improve the culture at work to ensure everyone feels heard, valued, and appreciated
  • Seeking to understand employees, prospects, or customers to better meet their needs
  • Supporting others at work to become more engaged, motivated, and productive

In this keynote, Heather introduces a new change model for organizational listening which she illustrates in five steps. The audience will leave with:

  • The understanding of how to practice active listening with those who look to them for guidance
  • A listening process that will unlock valuable insights and deliver desired outcomes
  • The one success characteristic they need to reach their goals and create win-win scenarios at work

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Heather  Younger
Founder and CEO
Employee Fanatix

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