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NAR NXT Field Experiences

Remember the joy of finding out you were escaping the classroom for a day of learning out in the world? Then the new NAR NXT Field Experiences are for you! Venture off-site and explore the real estate community in real-time, with insider access to influential leaders and exclusive spaces you can only get as an NAR NXT attendee – no permission slips necessary!

Highlights from the 2023 NAR NXT Field Experiences

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High Performance Homes Tour

Digitally generated modern high performance family house/villa. © Bulgac / E+ / Getty Images
Modern, clean living room, high performance home, Field Experiences, © NelleG / E+ / Getty Images
High performance homes property development. © Nazar Abbas Photography / Moment / Getty Images

The High-Performance Homes Tour provided invaluable insights into the world of green, energy-efficient properties in Anaheim and its surroundings areas. Participants gained a deeper understanding of construction and marketing practices for homes and landscapes that meet the demands of today’s discerning buyers.

Architecture Tour

Exterior/interior views of home in Flora Park, part of the architecture tour for the 2023 NAR NXT field experiences
Interior of the Eichlers home, part of the architecture tour for the 2023 NAR NXT field experiences
Water fountain in Old Town Orange, part of the architecture tour of the 2023 NAR NXT field experiences

Top: Exterior and interior of a Floral Park property, Left: Interior of an Eichler home, Right: Decorative fountain in the Old Towne Orange district.

The Architecture Tour took participants on a fascinating journey through the mid-century modern style of Eichler homes, showcasing the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright. Floral Park’s historic charm captivated visitors with over a century of preservation, while Old Towne Orange provided a glimpse into iconic cinematic locations.

Masterplanned Tour

view of the inside of the ARTIC transportation station, Anaheim, California, masterplanned tour, field experiences, © shutterjack / RooM / Getty Images
Exterior view of the Honda Center, in ocV!BE section of Orange County, part of the masterplanned field experience tour for 2023 NAR NXT

Top slideshow: an aerial view of Main Place, & an aerial view of the ocV!BE district in Orange County. Bottom, Left to right: an abstract view of the ARTIC interior, & the exterior of the Honda Center.

The Master-Planned Tour was a full-day exploration of visionary urban planning. From the sustainable ocV!BE district to the Platinum Triangle’s high-density developments and Mainplace’s exciting revitalization, attendees witnessed the transformation of Orange County’s landscape.

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