Michael Tritthart

Owner & CEO MTritt Inc. International Technology Training/Consulting Company McKinney, TX


A true stalwart of technology and education, Michael Tritthart, a North Texas luminary, brings over two decades of prowess in conducting transformative workshops and business training sessions. Leveraging his in-depth experience, he provides valuable consultation, marketing strategies, and training specifically tailored to foster business growth. Michael’s credentials are impressive: a BA in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters of Education degree from the University of North Texas. An ardent advocate of the ONE Thing philosophy, Michael earned his certification in early 2016, and since then, has been leading dynamic workshops focused on this principle across a variety of sectors, including small businesses, corporations, and real estate. His unique approach offers tech workshops with an emphasis on mastering one aspect at a time—an uncommon yet effective practice in the realm of technology.


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