Undesign the Redline


Visit this interactive fair housing exhibit, showcased in the Anaheim Convention Center, displays panels detailing the history of redlining and housing segregation and the impacts it has on our communities today. This space offers an engaging experience to explore historic and entangled challenges. Inviting participants to learn the history, interact with the stories, and contemplate the possibilities of repairing the harm of historic discrimination.

Created by Designing the WE, Undesign the Redline invites the viewer to learn more about historic discrimination housing market, while making connections to inequities in housing today. “Residential security maps,” introduced by a federal agency in the 1930s as the country weathered the Great Depression, were meant to evaluate risk for federally-financed backing of new lending programs, like the 30-year fixed-mortgage, that would transform the American middle class. Appraisers and real estate agents advised the government on areas that were advisable for federal support, basing the decision in large part on the race and national origin of the residents. Residents of those neighborhoods were unable to access mortgages and other financial services, limiting the ability to invest and accumulate wealth. Zoning, restrictive covenants, siting of undesirable land uses and other public and private policies depressed property values in these areas. 

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2024 NAR NXT,
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November 8-10  BOSTON, MA

Anaheim Convention Center

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