The Strategy of Sustainability: ESG+R, Climate & Differentiation


Understanding the climate impact, risks and the associated regulations is central to value creation, strategic differentiation, and sustainable growth of NAR members' businesses, local communities, and the real estate industry as a whole. This session will provide real-industry examples about how to make the business case for integrating ESG practices into the brokerage/business/association. Real estate practitioners need to improve their baseline of knowledge on climate to understand the potential physical risks on assets (including residential and commercial property and public land), as well as the impact on revenue & operating costs. With a focus on the new inclusion of Climate & Sustainability and ESG+R Decision Making in NAR's Strategic Plan, this session will leave you with tools to create your own roadmap on sustainability business integration, as well as tools to help you better understand the impact of sustainability in real estate.


Second Century Ventures
Amanda  Stinton
Director, Leadership & Sustainability
National Association of Realtors

2023 NAR NXT,
The REALTOR® Experience

November 14-16  Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Convention Center

See you in
sunny California!