Resilience: Environmental, Disasters, Climate, and Security Principles


I'm proud to host the NAR Safety podcast and write for REALTOR(R) Magazine. Join our panel of experts for a compelling discussion on "Safeguarding Homes." This session covers four critical aspects: enhancing indoor environmental health, preparing for natural disasters, implementing climate-resilient building practices, and applying CPTED for crime prevention. Learn actionable strategies for creating healthier, safer, and more sustainable living environments. The panel has a former FEMA inspector and natural disaster expert, a CPTED expert to offer tips to secure the property with environmental resources, environment experts to discuss in-home dangers and actionable prevention and mitigation, experts teaching how to retrofit and build homes that are able to stand up to climate crises, etc.


Coni  Meyers
Crisis Knowledge Management & Preparedness Foundation
Tracey  Hawkins
Real Estate Safety Expert and Educator
Safety and Security Source, LLC