Coni Meyers, CBLC, CDC, LMC

Founder/CEO Crisis Knowledge Management & Preparedness Foundation Las Vegas, NV


Coni is a force of nature. Her expertise in crisis management and resiliency have made her a renowned figure in the field. She is a 6X international bestselling author and speaker, dedicated to ensuring that individuals and communities are sustainable and prepared.

Coni worked with 1,000’s of individuals and businesses,equipping them with knowledge and tools to manage their efforts. As a FEMA inspector,she played a crucial role in training communities,empowering and strengthening their resiliency.

She co-founded 2 national businesses, WIN Home Inspections and OnlineEd. Founded CKM Solutions Group and Kickbutt Leadership to inspire and empower leaders to reach their full potential.

Coni’s vibrant personality and passion, creates enthusiasm and determination. Her contagious spirit ignites motivation and fosters purpose in everyone.

Coni is a visionary in sustainability, crisis management and resiliency. Her achievements and commitment to helping others make her an inspirational figure.