Tracey Hawkins

Real Estate Safety Expert and Educator Safety and Security Source, LLC KANSAS CITY, MO


“Tracey, the Safety Lady” Hawkins is a former real estate agent who has taught thousands of agents nationally to live & work safely for over 27 years. Hawkins is a regular safety expert/contributor for REALTOR® Magazine & realtor.org (she wrote the most-read article of the year in 2017). She is the safety writer for The Close and safety expert for Inman,

She has created the country’s only:

– Real estate agent safety designation, the Consumer Safety and Security Specialist (CSSS), is designed to teach agents to make more money working safely and protecting the consumer.

–  Broker, manager, & owner office safety policy certification workshop with an office safety policy handbook

– Property Management Safety & Security certification. 

– Safety & security news content creator, subscription.

Featured in industry publications, and The Today Show, The Boston Globe, the Washington Post, cnn.com, abcnews.com, Des Moines Register, the Kansas City Star, ABC, CBS, NBS, and FOX news affiliates, and MORE.



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