FPC Roundtable


During the FPC Roundtable, Federal political Coordinators will hear an analysis of the current political environment from David Wasserman, Senior Election Analyst for the non-partisan newsletter, The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, and a contributor to NBC News. He will touch on U.S. presidential, Senate, House, and gubernatorial races across the country. 

During the meeting FPCs will also be coached on the recently completed FPC Workgroup and RPMIC Presidential Advisory Group (PAG). RPMIC Chair, Gail Hartnett (ID) and Vice Chair, Doyle Yates (AR) will walk FPCs through new structure of RPMIC, new expectations of the FPCs beginning with the 118th Congress and what implementation of the final recommendations mean for the future of the Realtor Party.    


David  Wasserman
U.S House Editor and Senior Election Analyst
The Non-Partisan Cook Political Report