Annamarí Dietrichson, N/A

Annamarí Health & Leadership Coach Aurora, CO


Annamarí Dietrichson, BSc, MHA, is a seasoned healthcare executive, executive health coach, and keynote speaker renowned for her expertise in avoiding burnout, creating a thriving culture, and cultivating leadership essentials. As the founder of Annamarí Health & Leadership Coach, LLC, she empowers individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential and THRIVE.

With a focus on organizational level interventions, team dynamics, and immersive workshops, Annamarí facilitates transformative experiences that foster resilience and drive sustainable success. Whether coaching individual executives, delivering impactful keynotes at leadership development events, or guiding teams through cultural transformation, Annamarí is dedicated to facilitating holistic growth and empowerment within high stress industries.

When she is not at work or coaching her clients, you can find her somewhere in the mountains adventuring with her husband and their 2 cattle dogs.