Rebecca Mountain

CEO Rebecca Mountain Inc. Canada


Rebecca is a bestselling author, international keynote speaker, and High Performance Coach focusing all her efforts on helping people live happier,  wealthier and more fulfilled lives. Her dedication comes from her experience of leaving a cult in her early 30’s and learning how to live in a world that she didn’t understand. Friendless, jobless, and suddenly a single mother, she worked her way to success through grit and tenacity – and taking on her Dragons. Determined to take full control of her life, she set out to build her own businesses, heal her wounds and show others how they, too, can retake the reins and design the lives and businesses they desire most.

Today, she shows others how to live their Greatest of All Time lives, whether it’s by scaling a business, improving organizational performance, growing a team or running a business from the beach. Rebecca’s programs have a proven track record of incredible results.