Kayla Johnson, ABR, AHWD, C2EX

Realtor® Coldwell Banker Premier Saint Louis, MO


Kayla Johnson, a licensed Realtor® in Missouri and Illinois, operates within the Saint Louis metro area. Her real estate journey commenced with a strong belief in service with a passion. Kayla takes pride in advocating for Fair Housing, ensuring unbiased service for all.

Beyond client assistance, Kayla dedicates her time to volunteering. She aspires to leadership within the industry, focusing on community and promoting homeownership, particularly in urban areas, aiming to close the generational wealth gap. Apart from real estate, Kayla is a passionate speaker and published writer. Her storytelling, whether through the written word or captivating stage, resonates with others, forging connections and evoking emotions.

For Kayla, the stage is more than a platform—it's where her essence thrives. Her ability to merge expertise and passion has propelled her successful real estate career. She welcomes others to join her journey, where dreams find homes and stories unfold.