Megan Ferris

Realtor/Broker Owner Boom Team/Ferris Property Group ZIONSVILLE, IN


The Boom Team is Todd and Megan Ferris, and Terry Waggoner. They own and operate Ferris Property Group, a dynamic real estate company in Indianapolis and throughout the midwest.More importantly, Todd, Megan, and Terry always fill in every line of the purchase agreement. They know how lockboxes work. They use a lot of emojis and exclamation marks, and would never call you when a text or email would suffice.They are extremely good-looking, super intelligent, the best thing ever to happen to real estate, and definitely did not write this introduction. Please welcome, the Boom Team.”



2022 NAR NXT,
The REALTOR® Experience

November 11-13 Orlando, Florida

See you next year in Anaheim, CA!

November 14-16, 2023