Megan Ferris

Realtor/Broker Owner Boom Team/Ferris Property Group ZIONSVILLE, IN


Best known around the country for their creativity, innovation, fun-loving culture and consistently getting kicked out of local business establishments, Todd, Megan, and Terry believe in breaking out of the box in order to build incredible businesses—and helping other agents do the same! They are the owner-operators of Ferris Property Group, a large and dynamic real estate team in the greater Indianapolis area. They co-host the Boom Real Estate Podcast and they travel across the country speaking to agents, brokers, teams,companies and associations. They focus on helping agents build an amazing business while building an amazing life. The Boom Team truly believes you can have it all, success in business and your life all while enjoying the journey and not burning out! They have 7 kids and 3 pets between them and they might ask you to babysit. Terry, Todd and Megan speak, train and dance across the country and are passionate about giving back to this awesome real estate community!


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November 11-13 Orlando, Florida

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