Who Do You Choose to Be? – Leading from a Culturally, Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Lens


This session will discuss the impact of real estate agents building relationships within the community through the lens of the Cultural Proficiency Continuum. Understanding where you are on the continuum and how to navigate a forever changing world from a thematic perspective of… Who Do You Choose To Be? The goal is to offer insight on how to work with other cultures in business. How to take a step back and look through the lens of others. Sometimes we assume others think and believe the same way we do. It is ok to agree or even disagree with grace. It is ok to understand that the world has a plethora of perspectives. Additionally we will discuss what the contribution and the impact of your personal business and how this will reflect why you do what you do. This session will discuss how to look through the lens of others while building & increasing your professional capital. The session will also come from a place of grace and understanding. Here are a few of the guiding practices: 1. The Cultural Proficiency Continuum 2. Professional Capital 3. Cultural Capital 4. Human Capital 5. Decisional Capital 6. Navigational Capital 7. Understanding and building trust 8. Capacity Building 9. Relationships 10. Collective & Self Efficacy This session's goal is to increase the academic knowledge and cultural competencies of the real estate community through the eyes of education. Also, to give background in how to engage relationships when others are from a different, culture, gender and/or race. Keeping the end in mind: "Who Do you Choose to Be?"


Dr. Mina  Blazy
Director of Research Learning and Data
Mina Blazy
Carrie  Little
CarMarc Realty Group