When, Why, & How to Successfully Expand Your Team


Ask any Real Estate Agent their opinion on 'Real Estate Teams' and you'll undoubtedly receive a different answer, positive or negative, that changes from Agent to Agent. Regardless of any opinion, the numbers have it – Real Estate Teams are dominating the top 1%-10% of production across North America on an increasingly sharp incline. Love them or hate them, they're not going away anytime soon. 

This session will cover the top areas to consider when building your business into a healthy, thriving, and profitable Team, ready to face the demands of the Real Estate industry today and into tomorrow. Join Kathleen as she uncovers the truths, falsehoods, and myths that surround Real Estate Teams, and learn how using the power of Team synergy can increase conversion, pushing your Team into the top 1%! 


Kathleen  Black
Global Keynote Speaker | CEO | Realtor | Head Coach
Kathleen Black Coaching And Consulting Inc.