Use Volunteerism to Lead Change in Your Community & Increase $ales!


Can you volunteer AND generate more business? I've been doing it for years—generating millions of dollars of sales while also volunteering in my community. By participating in building strong communities through volunteerism and political advocacy, you can generate real estate business We have a front row seat and obligation to preserve homeownership. Without private property protections, our industry and livelihoods are in danger. We create quality of life experiences for those who live in the community, or one day will. In this session, you will learn how to serve your community and use your ideas and real estate expertise to create a neighborhood that people want to move to.

We will learn how the panelists voices have helped pave the way for (more) favorable housing related policies and stopped the bad ones. And along the way, learn how advocacy helps all of us and our clients create healthy neighborhoods and communities.

Then we will also discuss why it's important to identify housing-friendly political candidates to support and interact with or become one yourself!  We will share how easy and necessary it is to show up politically, in some way, large or small.

As we serve, we can generate business and influence topics that benefit our clients and housing industry, too.   


Frank  Baloun
Managing Broker
BHHS Florida Realty
Stacey  Johnson-Cosby