The Black & Minority Advantage: Real Estate as a Generational Wealth Builder


The most important color in real estate is green. Real estate is a strong foundation for wealth creation. As an investor who has happens to be a member of 2 minority groups (black & woman), I have chosen real estate to successfully create generational wealth for my family, as well as an income. I decided to deliberately sidestep any barriers years ago. Along with my husband, I am a self created net worth millionaire in my small real estate investment business and a successful Realtor who has been licensed for over 30 years selling millions of dollars of real estate. I will moderate a panel of diverse industry professionals who have all purchased what I believe is the most sound and safest financial investment as a wealth strategy. After all, everyone needs a place to live, whether they choose to buy a home or rent. From teaching community workshops to turning renters into buyers, we can equip Realtors to use their real estate license and expertise to not only sell homes for a living, but teach others how to create personal wealth for themselves and their families. We can also share how we use our real estate investment business as a retirement strategy with long term income. As Realtors, we have different paths to choose from: selling a primary residence carefully chosen, that builds equity, or a rental home to generate monthly income while building equity – to renovating and selling properties. We'll explore the anatomy of a real estate investment small business – going from selling homes as a profession to acquiring properties and empowering others to build wealth as a Realtor & investor. We'll have a combination of speakers in these specialties discuss how to duplicate our successful business models: 1. buying and holding for rentals & income 2. buying, renovating, developing and/or selling


Scott  Willis
Vice President- National Strategic Markets and Affordable Home Lending Team (East Division)
U.S. Bank
Caroline  Isern
Vice President, Agent Strategy
New American Funding
Stacey  Johnson-Cosby