How “Pro-Team” Brokerages Earn More, Attract Top Talent, & Retain Agents Longer!


This session is all about Team Systems & Development. Specifically, How to Recruit Teams, Create Teams, AND Be MORE Profitable as a Brokerage. After over 22,000 personal one on one hours coaching the top teams in North America, we know what teams need to grow and thrive. We also know why every top brokerage is a PRO-TEAM. Teams and brokerages can allow for massive win-win relationships, if you model what works to propel both businesses forward. Why teams? We will talk about what teams offer your Brokerage that an individual agent does not. How you can position your office to thrive with the strength of teams while others attempt to avoid or stifle the team discussion. Team is no longer a niche or break out topic. Teams are dominating the top 1 to 10% of production across North America on an increasing sharp incline. All signs indicate that teams will continue to gain massive market share in the years to come. The question is not whether teams will grow and flourish, the question is whether they will build with your brokerage, with your competition, or go out on their own. The goal of this session is to ensure you have the information and strategies to thrive as a stronger Brokerage working with teams, while other offices lose out while trying to work against them.


Kathleen  Black
Global Keynote Speaker | CEO | Realtor | Head Coach
Kathleen Black Coaching And Consulting Inc.