A Conversation with Richard Rothstein, Author of The Color of Law


In The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein exposed the forgotten history of housing segregation in America, arguing persuasively that our divided communities–and today's racial homeownership and wealth gaps–are the byproduct of explicitly discriminatory government policies at the local, state, and federal levels. 

The powerful public reaction to The Color of Law inspired Rothstein's current work, a guidebook for Americans seeking to redress and overcome this legacy.

Join Richard Rothstein and NAR's Bryan Greene for a wide-ranging discussion about the past, present and future of equity in housing.


*Make sure to stop by the NAR Booth #761 on Saturday at 2:00pm to have Richard Rothstein sign a copy of The Color of Law! 


Richard  Rothstein
Distinguished Fellow, Economic Policy Institute
Bryan  Greene
Vice President of Policy Advocacy
National Association of REALTORS®